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Urgent Care


Medical emergencies in a megalopolis like Douala is a real challenge for health professionals. The chaos of urban planning, the lack of access roads, incivility of the population in relation to road infrastructures, traffic jams on broken roadways, the flooding of the roads by two-wheeled vehicles, and the list is not sufficiently exhaustive... all this contributes to minimize the notion of urgency.

Equipped with rolling stock that meets international standards, the Clinic Dr. Boum intends to extend to the location of the accident to provide first aid and ensure a speedy transfer to the Clinic.

Open 24 hours a day and every day, the medical and nursing staff is alert and available to provide assistance.

Not only are our ambulances real operating theatres on wheels, but the level of training of our staff must be a sufficient guarantee for our patients.

Injuries, burns, fractures, seizures, fainting can occur at any time, often at night. A simple phone call is enough to trigger emergency treatment process,  when the necessary conditions are met.

Annual assistance contracts, Full coverage of sports and other events, Transfer of patients from one city to another! 

Just one phone call!

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