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Facetary thermocoagulation or Rhizolysis is proposed to people suffering from lower back pains (lumbago), thoracalgia and even cervicalgia patients who are resistant to painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Posterior joint pain is caused by the wear and tear on our joints, known as osteoarthritis.​

Thermocoagulation corresponds to the application of heat (about 80°C) through radiographic electrodes placed remotely control on the joints. A reversible destruction in nerve fibres is achieved through percutaneous injection (without scarring) of the electrodes. The process lasts about ten minutes for this denervation by radio frequency also called facetary thermocoagulation or Rhizolysis.

A real alternative to the Radio Guided Periradicular Treatment (PRT) still known as Infiltration Treatment using corticosteroids.

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thermocaogulation-clinique docteur boum
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