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Neurokinesi - & Physiotherapy


Relief through healing hands. The skill, flexibility and sensitivity accompany the knowledge of the human anatomy, the mastery of the applicaation, the right measure of strength applied to the muscles and joints.

Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy, Kinesitherapy, Massage, Traction, Occupational Therapy and Relaxation often get mixed up in the minds patients and even some practitioners.

Each illness has its own treatment! Thanks to the proximity of our experts in rehabilitation care, the doctors are aware of the latest developments of your health care. Operated or not, you deserve much more than relaxing massages, because pain is not an absence of cuddles, but the expression of deep dysfunction.


Electrotherapy, Magnetic Therapy, Cryotherapy, Phototherapy and what else... technology is working to bring to you relief and comfort, our know-how must guarantee your recovery.

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