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Medical Evacuation


No health system can be built through medical evacuations, Clinic Dr. Boum places emphasis on the care of nationals and expatriates primarily on the national territory. The clinic aims to be a model in the field of neurosurgery.

The advancement of quality healthcare at the national level is the only condition that can guarantee us in med-term to create a climate of confidence and health security among nationals and foreign investors.

However, we actively participate in medical evacuations only when it is established that it is not possible to provide care at the national level!

  • At the consulates we give our opinion on visa applications.         

  •  To individuals, we share our medical network knowledge abroad (France, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, India, Turkey, Tunisia).   

  • For unstable patients requiring medical assistance, we guarantee exclusive assistance from Douala to all desired destinations.         

  • To medical assistance companies and international insurers, the availability of doctors capable of ensuring quality medical care is possible.

The interest and the will of the patient is at the centre of our activities!

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