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Clinic Docteur BOUM is equipped with a multifunctional rolling medical equipment.

  • Mobile operating theater : Designed for the most spectacular emergencies on the autoba..... from Germany, our ambulances are real operating theaters.  

  • Stretcher Stryker with pneumatic stabilization base (- 150kg load)

  • Wheelchair capable of supporting a load of 125 kg.

  • Built-in oxygen circuit

  • Waveable brightness with operating light

  • Secretion suction system

  • Modular auto air conditioning

  • Stretcher with automatic anti-cooling heating (thermal shock)

  • Air extraction and regeneration system by antibacterial filter

  • Refrigerator for medical consumables (liquids, ampoules, gel, etc.)

  • Redefined emergency pharmacy

  • Sterilization space

  • Storage by sliding drawers

  • Ultra-powerful siren, MARTIN technology at 2500W

  • BAUFEC body shop specialized in aviation

  • Soundproofing system with 92.8% reduction in surrounding noise (siren excluded)

  • Two seats (accompanying medical staff) around the stretcher.

  • Cabine de pilotage avec :

  • Système de télécommunication

  • Système de gestion de la signalétique (gyrophare, projecteurs, clignotants à fréquence modulable, etc.

  • Copilotage avec fenêtre de communication avec l’équipage médical

  • Réfrigérateur  de cabine

  • Modèle Mercedes Sprinter/Bloc  BAUTEC Germany

  • Ambulance tout-terrain : modèle NISSAN PATROL

  • Cockpit with  Telecommunication system.   

  • Signage management system (rotating beacon, spotlights, adjustable frequency indicators, etc.      

  • Co-management with communication window with the medical crew      

  • Cabin fridge.     

  • Mercedes Sprinter model / BAUTEC Germany block.      

  • All-terrain ambulance : NISSAN PATROL model. 


Even in our major cities and capitals, the quality of the road is not the most comfortable. In our outlying districts, the tarmac roads are almost non-existent and often very difficult to access. The all-terrain ambulance with gearbox is often dedicated to long journeys on our heavy routes to Bafoussam, Bamenda, Yaoundé, Bertoua and also to Chad (Ndjamena, Moundou), to Gabon (Oyem, Libreville).

We transport patients : ​

  • From home to hospitals and clinics         

  • From clinic to clinic         

  • From clinic to hospital         

  • From hospital / clinic to home         

  • 24-hour emergency management services.

Clinic Doctor BOUM is ready to provide emergency management in companies and factories 24 hours a day thanks to its ambulances and highly qualified staff, all linked to the existence of an emergency medical management service within it. , fitted with an operating theater.

It is therefore possible to sign for your companies an annual contract for the transfer by ambulance on simple call.

Endorse your Emergencies on us...

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