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C-arm Image Intensifier

Clinic Dr. Boum has chosen to invest in high precision equipment. For its mobile C-arm radiography systems with an image intensifiers, the choice was made for the leader in the industry: PHILIPS. From acquisition to transfer, from installation up to maintenance, PHILIPS expertise; embodied by an unparalleled technician, Mr. Günter Goetsch, allows us to perform top radiography with exceptional accuracy during our surgical interventions.

Our latest acquisition PHILIPS Pulsera 12 reinforces the first two PHILIPS BV 29 and offers a very high image quality both during Periradicular Treatments as well as explorations with contrast fluid.


With these image intensifiers, we guarantee an accurate cervical, thoracal or lumbar spine surgery, with very little tissue trauma, a small opening and therefore a fast recovery.

These orthopedic intensifiers are no longer done blindly, but the fixation of the bones is targeted and the results are more reassuring.

The image intensifier is a surgical precision device and secondarily, an X-ray equipment: Splendid!

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