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Operating Theatre

At the mere mention of this group of words, most people begin to feel anxiety, pain, fear and sometimes heartbreaking memories. But be rest assured, the operating theathre of Clinique Docteur BOUM inspires confidence and peace of mind: It is the core system of our clinic. Here, cleanliness, neatness, hygiene, asepsis, organization, layout, ergonomics are reviewed on a daily basis. The fight against any viral or bacterial staining is the unavoidable fight for the team in charge of surface hygiene.


Equipped with state-of-the-art neurosurgical equipment and constantly upgraded, our operating theatre offers the medical staff in charge of anaesthesia, reliable and modern equipment. It is with precision and efficiency that we perform our brain and spinal cord surgeries thanks to the presence of a C-arm intensifier and a high-resolution surgical microscope, a high-speed surgical drill, powerful and reliable.

Thanks to electrosurgery we save on the loss of tissue (muscle, blood, bone) and shorten the stay of our patients by a quick recovery. The device for the treatment of shocks is in place and regularly checked.

Thanks to a team of extreme alertness, a taste for perfection, inhabited by the desire for brilliance and cleanliness, we are proud to note that after so many surgical interventions, the suppuration of wounds is a complication foreign to our clinic.

The clattering of the instruments, the sucking of fluids and the blowing of air harmonize in a warm, pleasant and friendly atmosphere in the theathre, cradled by the melodious sounds of a Richard BONA, a living monument from our country, or BELKA Tobis'  lyrics in the air, you can be rest assured that you are in the operating theatre of Clinique Docteur BOUM.


Here, the pilot, hostesses and stewards are dressed in Kazak verts !

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