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Paediatric Surgery

Little Boy Playing Doctor

Cogenital anomalies

In the context of pediatric consultations, we note that children carry birth defects which are congenital. Parents who are often disappointed in unsuccessful consultations in certain health centers end up believing in damnation.

Dr. NOUNLA Joseph, pediatric surgery specialist, trained in the Federal Republic of Germany and clinic director of service at Hanover, offers his services in our Clinic on Appointment.

Teleconsultations and Surgery on Appointment!

Making appointments to take care of surgical interventions is possible. Arrangements for a teleconsultation for your child will be shceduled. 

Of many diseases, especially those of the uro-genital and gynecological illnesses,  can now be treated locally. For those wishing to have their children operated  in Germany and at  Dr. NOUNLA'S Clinic, we can facilitate procedures for the medical evacuation at the German Consulate.

Adorable Girl with Pediatrician
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