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Drs BOUM Foundation

Drs BOUM Foundation intends to work in the years to come on two specific areas

  • Development of health care in rural areas.


  • Training in the health care professions (medical studies, Nursing studies, training of health care assistants, etc.). 

      - Hygiene and nutrition in hospitals.
      - Care of the disabled.

We will keep you informed on ongoing developments.

Medical Consultation

Post-Medical Training

Drs. BOUM foundation aims to develop close relationships with German and American universities for post-doctoral training in specific fields.

We will reveal our selection criteria, procedures and expectations soon!

Nurse Training

There is no success at the hospital without the solid involvement of the nursing staff.

No surgery is successful without the care of these angels dressed in availability, empathy and generosity.

Aware of the standard of education in local nursing training centres, clinics with high standards are obliged to invest in continued education.

Weekly Briefings, presentations, seminars, workshops etc... are organized to complement, adapt, review and in some cases re-train our medical staff. A coordinated program with other clinics in the city of Douala is in sight, as we give special emphasis to the quality of nursing care.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner


In our clinic, we operate as a family. Once you allow us to know you, then we are obliged to take care of you.

Vital parameters, blood tests, physical examinations, psychological analysis and surveys of your environment... nothing is left out by chance when it comes to taking care of our patients.

In pre-operative, hospitalization, post-operative or simply during consultations, your data is recorded and compared each time with the previous ones. This traceability allows us to caution you in case of any suspicion.

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