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The management and handling of diseases linked to the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system is at the heart of our daily concerns.

Clinic Dr. Boum offers a modern technical platform at the national and sub-regional level and an experienced team capable of handling a broad neurosurgical spectrum.

With the primary objective of limiting medical evacuations which are very often expensive and risky for the sick, the surgical team has equipped itself with all the instruments and apparatuses for optimal management of all diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

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A. Brain surgery 

Brain tumors, brain abscesses, brain malformations, strokes, vascular malformations are regularly operated in our clinic.

B. Spine & Spinal Cord 

Diseases of the spine are more and more recurrent and their surgical management very feared by the public. Now be rest reassured  

  • Herniated cervical spine or lumbar spine

  • Stenosis channels and vertebral slippage

  • Intramedullary tumors

  • Vascular Intramedullary  malformities

  •  Cysts and abscesses etc...

Quality healthcare services is possible!

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C. Peripheral Nerves

Tunnel Carpien, Plexus brachial, Loge de Guyon... we make you smile :)

Many patients who have benefited from our expertise are willing, through their testimonials, to give you the assurance and courage to trust the expertise that has been brought closer to you. They are willing to tell you about their journey, their stay with us and their life afterwards. Don't hesitate to take advantage of it !

Good attention and effective consultation often allow us to treat many patients sometimes without any medication. Often through a simple prescription, with surgery being the last resort.

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