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Douala, Accident prone town!

  • Severe traumatic brain injuries

  • Vertebral fractures

  • Paralysis

  • Coma

Surgery & Transfer

Logistics for the transfer of the patient by a medical ambulance from the scene of the accident to the clinic and Operating theatre eqiuped with an  electro-pneumatic operating motor, is a major asset to guarantee you a safe transfer and urgent surgery within a modern technical platform!

24 Hours / 24 ...... 7 Days/7

Our medical ambulances are at your disporsal!

It is possible to get full annual coverages on your emergencies with Clinique Dr. Boum contractually. Our  ambulances are available to serve you in medical evacuations and transfers of patients to our clinic or  other destinations.

With complete peace of mind!

Your employees, family members will thank you!Think about signing a deal!

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