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Occupational Medecin


Is our workplace healthy and safe for us to work in?

Occupational medicine is concerned with protecting employees from job-related hazards in the workplace. - It is therefore proactive! Clinique Dr. Boum holds all the necessary accreditations to use its expertise and skill to practice occupational health medecine.

For many years now, we have been working alongside with several companies in the fields of: Communication, Wood, Printing, Agri-food, Maritime Safety and Telecommunication Installations, Insurance, etc...


With the added advantage of having a clinic capable of taking care of injured and sick employees in emergencies . Your company benefits from the best healthcare coverage.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any exchanges and/or to share our experiences.

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Call us on Tel/Whatsapp:  (+237) 696 97 37 03 

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