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High Speed Surgical Drill

Technological innovation has massively contributed to the development of modern surgery. Deep explorations, unimaginable just a few years ago, are now very familiar even in the ventricles of the brain.

Modern neurosurgery is linked to the use of a High speed surgical drill capable of reducing the time duration of a craniotomy by 75% and offers a post-operative result with very little loss of bone and blood substance, and significantly influences the results of brain surgery performed in urgent and vital conditions (Traumatic Brain...).

  • We offer our patients a wide decompressive craniotomy in 15 - 25 minutes maximum (1H30mn to 1H45 mn in ordinary operating theatres).

  • We protect our patients from abusive laminectomies, here we are able to perform selective laminotomies and foraminotomies thanks to high precision diamond drills.

  • Minimizing the risk of accidental nerve or spinal cord injuries while safeguarding the structure of the vertebrae and joints.

High speed Surgical drill: A must in the Neurosurgery unit!

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