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Nerves - Pains - Accidents

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 Our Services


Chronic headaches, stroke, facial or limb paralysis can be avoided in many cases.

In fact, we can cure it...


Brain and spinal cord surgery is our daily duty in an approriate theatre. Our competence is now within your reach!


Accidents are part of our daily lives, in an accident prone city such as Douala...When prayers assist the know-how of others, the comatose often get up. A scratch on the head, a faint memory of the accident... survivor!


Congenital malformations are not curses but illnesses before or during childbirth... It is possible to assist children and enlighten their parents. 

Witchcraft stops where knowledge begins...

General Medecine

General medicine is the foundation of all specialties. Extensive knowledge, intellectual curiosity, the ability to listen and remarkable intuition...

General practitioner...The right DOCTOR!

Occupational Medecine

Work takes us away from the three troubles... it gives us freedom and autonomy. 

Work hurts, breaks, suffocates and sometimes much worse...

Guardian angel of one and adviser to the other, the guard dressed in white coat, is the occupational doctor !

A better way to talk to your Doctor.

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Upcoming Events

Hands on training

Educating a new generation of healthcare professionals through surgical seminars, workshops and hands-on training with interactive communication. Our partners here and abroad actively participate to give you an excellent service quality.

Symposium on post cranial fossa

Sharing the results of operating theatres with its population, sharing experiences with colleagues, facilitating medical communication through inter-active exchanges, this is how we have chosen to be accepted by you... Enjoy!

Medical Workshops

The German engineering, the know-how of its technicians, their availability and unlimited generosity entirely at the service of our population...Forward moving by learning and doing!

Meet The Team

dr boum guy patrice
Dr. BOUM Guy Patrice MD. PhD




dr boum melanie

Dr. BOUM Melanie



Our Partners

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